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Graduate Student TAs

Monti Adams Adams Monti
Graduate Teaching Associate 
Room: 165 Murray
Email: monti.adams@okstate.edu



Reverend C.R. Brooksbrooks cr
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room: 167 Murray 
Email: cecelia.brooks@okstate.edu 





Jake Cornwelljakepenbat
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room: 163 Murray
Email: jake.cornwell@okstate.edu 




Crystal Dunbar
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room: 156 Murray 
Email: crystal.dunbar@okstate.edu


Jared Eberle Eberle Photo
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room:  154 Murray
Email:  jared.eberle@okstate.edu



gostanzik brent

Brent Gostanzik
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room:  164 Murray
Email: brent.gostanzik@okstate.edu



Amanda Johnson13902578 10103666737301022 3152649039653082353 n
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room: 165 Murray
Email: amanda.johnson14@okstate.edu 




David Justice   Justice David b
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room:  169 Murray
Email:  david.justice@okstate.edu


Ketchem Jon

Jon “Jack” Ketchum
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Room:  170 Murray
Email: jonk@okstate.edu



Garrett Looney
Graduate Teaching AssociateLooney Garrett
Room: 167 Murray
Email: glooney@okstate.edu 




Moser Andrew b

Andrew Moser
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room:  169 Murray
Email: amoser@okstate.edu



 rogers jai

Jai Rogers
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Room: 170 Murray
Email: janna.rogers@okstate.edu 





Coleman Steinstein coleman
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Room: 170 Murray
Email: costein@okstate.edu 




Jordan StineStine Jordan
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Room: 120 Murray 
Email: jordan.stine@okstate.edu 



Kurt Terry headshot

Kurt Terry
Graduate Teaching Associate
Room: 164 Murray
Email: kurt.terry@okstate.edu 




Sheldon Yeakley Yeakley Sheldon
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Room: 170 Murray
Email: sheldon.yeakley@okstate.edu 









Contact Information

History Department Main Office

Telephone: (405) 744-5679
Mailing Address: 101 S. Murray Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078-3054


Key Contacts

Dr. Laura Belmonte
Professor and Department Head
101 Murray (south)
(405) 744-8182
Dr. Richard Rohrs
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
114 Murray (south)
Phone (405) 744-4315
Contact for questions about graduate studies in history at OSU
Dr. Anna Zeide
Undergraduate Advisor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty Advisor for History Club
101 Murray (south)
(405) 744-8197
Contact for questions about undergraduate studies in history at OSU

Susan Oliver
Senior Administrative Support Specialist
101 Murray (south)
(405) 744-5680

Exa von Alt
Administrative Support Specialist and Graduate Secretary
101 Murray (south)
(405) 744-5679


anna zeide Dr. Anna Zeide, Undergraduate Advisor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty Advisor for History Club
Address: 101B Murray (south)
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, and by appointment (Fall 2015)
Email: zeide@okstate.edu
Phone (405) 744-8197
Courses Taught
HIST 1103 Survey of American History
HIST 2--3 History of the Present
HIST 2--3 Food in American Culture

IMG 2241Exa Von Alt, Senior Admin. Support/Graduate Secretary
Address 101 Murray (South)
Email exa@okstate.edu
Phone (405) 744-5679



oliverSusan Oliver, Sr. Administrative Support Specialist
Address 101 Murray (South)
Email susan.oliver@okstate.edu
Phone (405) 744-5680

Graduate Students

Graduate Students article...

Faculty by Field


African     Matthew Schauer
American West:           Laura Arata
      William S. Bryans
      Michael F. Logan
      L. G. Moses
Ancient:     Tonia Sharlach
Asian:     Yongtao Du
      Matthew Schauer
European     David D'Andrea
      Emily Graham
      Jason Lavery
      Lesley A. Rimmel
      Matthew Schauer 
Latin American:     Michael M. Smith
Middle East:     Thomas A. Carlson
Native American:     Richard Boles 
      Doug Miller
      L.G. Moses 
Public:     Laura Arata
      William S. Bryans
United States Pre-1865:     Richard Boles
      James L. Huston
      Richard C. Rohrs
United States Post-1865:     Laura Arata
      William S. Bryans
      Micahel F. Logan
      Doug Miller
      L.G. Moses 
United States Post-1945:     Laura Belmonte
      John Kinder
      Holly Karibo
      Doug Miller 




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