Faculty Publications

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 Laura Belmonte (co-author)

 Global Americans: A History of the United States

belmonte 2003


Laura Belmonte (editor)

Speaking of America: A Reader in U.S. History

belmonte 2010  

Laura Belmonte

Selling the American Way: U.S. Propoganda and the Cold War

byrnes priest


Joseph Byrnes

Priests of the French Revolution: Saints and Renegades in a New Political Era 

 byrnes catholic


 Joseph Byrnes

Catholic and French Forever: Religious and National Identity in Modern France

Carlson Book


Thomas Carlson
Christianity in Fifteenth-Century Iraq

 Du The Order of Places  

 Yongtao Du

The Order of Places: Translocal Practices of the Huizhou Merchants in Late Imperial China 



Yongtao Du (co-editor)

Chinese History in Geographical Perspective

 dandrea 2007


David D'Andrea

Civic Christianity in Renaissance Italy The Hospital of Treviso, 1400-1530

 dandrea new book  

David D'Andrea




James Huston

The American and British Debate over Equality, 1776-1920 


houston 1987


James Huston 

The Panic of 1857 and the Coming of the Civil War

 houston 2003


 James Huston

Calculating the Value of the Union:  Slavery, Property Rights and the Economic Origins of the Civil War

huston 2006


James Huston

Stephen A. Douglas and the Dilemmas of Democratic Equality

houston 2015 JPEG


James Huston

The British Gentry, The Southern Planter, and The Northern Family Farmer: Agriculture and Sectional Antagonism in North America

Karibo 2016


 Holly Karibo 

 Sin City North: Sex, Drugs, and Citizenship in the Detroit-Windsor Borderland



 John Kinder

 Paying With Their Bodies: American War and the Problem of the Disabled Veteran 



 Jason Lavery 

 Reforming Finland: The Dioceseo of Turku in the Age of Gustav Vasa, 1523-1560 

lavery 2002


 Jason Lavery 

Germany’s Northern Challenge: The Holy Roman Empire and the Scandinavian Struggle for the Baltic 1563-1576

lavery 2006


Jason Lavery

The History of Finland

logan 1995


 Michael Logan

Fighting Sprawl and City Hall: Resistance to Urban Growth in the Southwest

 logan 2002


 Michael Logan 

The Lessening Stream: The Environmental History of the Santa Cruz River

logan 2006


Michael Logan

Desert Cities: The Environmental History of Phoenix and Tucson



 Tonia Sharlach

An Ox of One's Own: Royal Wives and Religion at the Court of the Third Dynasty of Ur 


sharlach 2003


Tonia Sharlach

Provincial Taxation and the Ur III State



Michael Smith 

The Mexicans in Oklahoma


Anna Zeide

Canned:The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry