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Dr. Teobaldo Fortunato, Italian Professor of Archaeology, visits OSU to discuss study-abroad opportunities for students!

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The Paleo-Christian baptistery of Nocera Superiore was for the first time discussed at an American university when Dr. Teobaldo Fortunato, archaeologist and the city’s cultural assessor, presented decades of his archaeological discoveries to an audience at Oklahoma State University.  Dr. Fortunato's talk, sponsored by the Department of History and the Ashley Fund, surveyed the history of Roman Nuceria, which was twice the size of Ancient Pompeii, and played an important role in Roman history, including its destruction by Hannibal in 216 BC for Nuceria’s allegiance to Rome.

Among the highlights of the archaeological remains in Nocera Superiore are one of the largest Roman amphitheaters in southern Italy, a Roman necropolis, a Roman forum and bath complex, and the early Christian baptistery of Santa Maria Maggiore.  The baptistery, which houses the second largest baptismal font in Italy, will be the focus of a Study Abroad course in the summer 2018.  Dr. D’Andrea, Department of History, and Dr. Gonzalez, Department of Art History, will lead a unique course, which will not only visit the famous historical sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Paestum, but also offer first-hand historical conservation opportunities for students.  One of the objectives of the course will be to photograph, clean, and catalogue Roman artifacts and update an existing museum on the site.

Dr. Fortunato's visit to OSU was featured on Italian TV news. Check out the video here

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