Du, Yongtao

duYongtao Du, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Illinois-Urbana

Address 117 Murray (South)
Email yongtao.du@okstate.edu
Phone (405) 744-5681

Spring 2019 Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:30-3:30 PM

Asian History

My recent work concerns basically how the increase of spatial mobility in China during the 16th through the 18th century helped generate new understandings of locality, new geographical knowledge, and new modes of human-place relation. Currently I am working on a book-length project that examines how the age-old "culture of locality" in China experienced the country's political turmoil during the twentieth century.

Courses Taught
HIST 1713 – Survey of Eastern Civilization to 1800
HIST 3404 – East Asia to 1800
HIST 3413 – East Asia since 1800
HIST 3433 – Modern China
HIST 3423 – Modern Japan