Huston, James L.

hustonJames L. Huston
Ph.D., University of Illinois

Address 152 Murray (south)

Spring 2019 Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:45-2:20
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30-4:00

Civil War and Reconstruction; Labor; Civil War and Reconstruction; American political history; American economic history; nineteenth century

I earned a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in 1980, and have been at Oklahoma State since. During that time I have published approximately thirty-five articles and five books. I am now working on a book on the American-British dialogue of equality and inequality and am preparing to submit it to LSU Press; I will be doing an article on secession for Frank Towers for an edited book of essays he is preparing, and my article in Civil War History in regard to Lincoln’s decision for war should be coming out in 2016. This year I finish my work on the Watson-Brown Committee to select the best book in Civil War History (Society of Civil War Historians).

Courses Taught

HIST 1103 – Survey of American History
HIST 3653 – Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 3773 – The Old South
HIST 4513 / ECON 3823 – Economic History of the United States
HIST 5120 – Reading Seminar in United States History: 19th Century
HIST 5220 – Research Seminar in United States History: 19th Century