Rohrs, Richard C.

rohrsRichard C. Rohrs, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., University of Nebraska


American Early National; Historical Methods; Jacksonian America.

Dr. Richard C. Rohrs specializes in United States History from 1787 to 1850. His most recent publications have been on free blacks in the North and South before the Civil War. He is currently involved in two new research projects. The first is a North Carolina Supreme Court case involving the legal status of slaves and free blacks in the antebellum period. The second investigates the response of residents of Newport, Rhode Island to the coming of the Civil War. 

Courses Taught
History 1103 – Survey of United States History
History 3633 – Early National Period, 1787-1828
History 3643 – Jacksonian America, 1828-1850
History 5023 – Historical Research and Writing