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Miller Book

Douglas Miller

Indians on the Move: Native American Mobility and Urbanization in the Twentith Century

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Thomas Carlson

Christianity in Fifteenth Century Iraq

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Anna Zeide

Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry

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Syriac gazetteer

 Dr. Thomas Carlson is co-editing The Syriac Gazetteer, a dictionary of Syriac cultural geography

Sharlach, Tonia

Sharlach Tonia 2016Tonia Sharlach, Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University

Address 107 Murray (south)
Phone (405) 744-8190

Spring 2019 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:20-12:00

Ancient history, Sumerian and Babylonian civilization and religion, women in Ancient Near Eastern religion 

Author of two books and numerous articles and reviews, Dr. Sharlach's work has covered a range of topics based on cuneiform tablets in the Sumerian language dating from about 2050 B.C. from southern Iraq. Starting with work on taxation (Provincial Taxation and the Ur III State, published by Brill in 2004) and touching on matters such as calendars and diplomacy, Dr. Sharlach's more recent publications have focused on the roles of women in the religion at the royal court. An Ox of One's Own: Royal Wives and Religion at the Court of the Third Dynasty of Ur appeared in summer 2017. Her next project is tentatively entitled Death and Taxes in Early Mesopotamia

Courses Taught
1613 - History of Western Civilization 
1713 - History of Eastern Civilization 
3013 - Ancient Egypt and Israel
3023 - Ancient Greece
3033 - Ancient Rome
3043 - Ancient Mesopotamia: Iraq, Iran & Syria from 4000-333 B.C.
5140 - Reading Seminar in European and World History
5240 - Research Seminar in European and World History
6130 - Graduate Studies in History