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Douglas Miller

Indians on the Move: Native American Mobility and Urbanization in the Twentith Century

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Christianity in Fifteenth Century Iraq

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Anna Zeide

Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry

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Syriac gazetteer

 Dr. Thomas Carlson is co-editing The Syriac Gazetteer, a dictionary of Syriac cultural geography

Smith, Michael M.

Smith MichaelMichael M. Smith, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., Texas Christian University

Address 106 Murray (south)
Phone (405) 744-8181

Mexico; Latin America.

Dr. Smith’s research and publications reflect his interests in colonial Latin American medical history, United States-Mexican border issues, Mexican immigration and community formation in the Central Plains region, and Mexican revolutionary propaganda and espionage in the United States during the first two decades of the twentieth century. His current projects include a biography of George F. Weeks, a former California newspaperman and “embedded” war correspondent during the Mexican Revolution. Weeks later served as the principal American publicity/propaganda agent for Venustiano Carranza’s Constitutionalist regime. Dr. Smith is also editing an anthology of many of Weeks’s little-known or unpublished works relating to the Constitutionalists’ successful effort to oust General Victoriano Huerta. He is also preparing a translation of an extensive report written by Mexican General Rafael Benavides regarding the border crisis of 1877 that brought the United States and Mexico to the brink of war. Benavides’s moderating influence on the scene and his recommendations to the Mexican ministries of war and foreign relations helped to ease the potentially explosive tensions at the time and suggested immediate and long-term reforms to encourage development of Mexico’s far northern districts and promote greater security along the US-Mexican border.

Courses Taught
1483 - American History to 1865
3453 - Colonial Latin American
3980 - Studies in History
4980 - Topics in History
5000 - Thesis
6000 - Dissertation
6100 - Directed Readings in History
6130 - Colonial Latin America