Williams, Elizabeth A.

williamsElizabeth A. Williams, Professor Emerita
Ph.D., Indiana University

Email elizabeth.williams@okstate.edu

European Intellectual; History of Medicine; Modern France.

My principal research area is the history of medicine in modern Europe. In recent years my scholarship has been devoted principally to study of the connections between psychiatric illness and disturbed eating, including "eating disorders" as conceived in modern medicine but also an array of psycho-gastric conditions that in the nineteenth century were often called "neuroses of the stomach." I am currently completing a study of scientific and medical thinking about the appetite for food from the Enlightenment to the mid-twentieth century, the working title of which is “Appetite and Its Discontents: Science, Medicine, and the Drive to Eat, 1750-1950.” My next project concerns women and mental illness, looking at women both as patients and as psychiatrists in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Courses Taught
3980 - Studies in History
4573 - Women in Western Civilization
4980 - Topics in History
5000 - Thesis
6000 - Dissertation
6100 - Directed Readings in History