Faculty List

Laura Arata (Ph.D., 2014, Washington State)
Assistant Professor 
Public History; American West; Race and Gender;  Popular Culture 

Kurt Anderson (Ph.D., 2011, Oklahoma State) 
Adjunct Instructor
U.S. West; Oklahoma History 

Laura A. Belmonte (Ph.D., 1996, Virginia)
Professor; Department Head 
U.S. Foreign Relations; Transnational; Post-1945 U.S. 

Richard J. Boles (Ph.D., 2013, George Washington)
Assistant Professor 
Colonial and Revolutionary America; Native American History; African American History; American Religious History

William S. Bryans (Ph.D., 1987, Wyoming)
Associate Professor
Public History; State and Local; American West

Joseph Byrnes (Ph.D., 1976, Chicago)
Emeritus Professor 
Modern European Intellectual; Modern France; Christianity

Thomas A. Carlson (Ph.D., 2012, Princeton)
Assistant Professor
Middle East; Religion; Race and Ethnicity 

Amy Carreiro (Ph.D., 1997, Oklahoma State University)
Adjunct Instructor
U.S. History; African American History; Sports and Culture; American Studies

David D’Andrea (Ph.D., 1999, Virginia)
Early Modern Europe; Italy; Christianity

Yongtao Du (Ph.D., 2006, Illinois-Urbana)
Associate Professor
East Asia

Emily Graham (Ph.D., 2009, St. Andrews-Scotland)
Assistant Professor
Medieval Europe; Gender History; Religious History

James L. Huston (Ph.D., 1980, Illinois)
Regents Professor 
Civil War and Reconstruction; Political HIstory; Political Economy 

Holly Karibo (Ph.D., 2012, Toronto)
Assistant Professor
North American Borderlands; American Social and Cultural History; Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Drug and Alcohol History

John Kinder (Ph.D., 2007, Minnesota)
Associate Professor 
American Studies; War and Society; Gender; Disability; Veterans; US 1877-Present 

Jason E. Lavery (Ph.D., 1997, Yale)
Early Modern Europe; Germany; Scandinavia; Religious and Political History 

Michael F. Logan (Ph.D., 1994, Arizona)
Recent America; Urban; Environmental; American West

Ry Marcattilio-McCracken (Ph.D.,  2014, Oklahoma State University)
Adjunct Instructor
U.S. History; History of Science, Technology, and Medicine 

Douglas Miller (Ph.D., 2014, Oklahoma)
Assistant Professor
Native American History; Modern U.S. History; Mass Incarceration

Justin Prince (Ph.D., 2014, Oklahoma State University)
Adjunct Instructor
U.S. History; U.S. West; U.S. Military History 

Lesley A. Rimmel (Ph.D.,1995, Pennsylvania)
Associate Professor
Russia; Soviet Union; Women’s 20th Century Europe; Central Asia; Political and Social Violence

Richard C. Rohrs (Ph.D., 1976, Nebraska)
Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
American Early National; Jacksonian America; Historical Methods

Matthew Schauer (Ph.D., 2012, Pennsylvania)
Assistant Professor
Modern Europe (Modern Britain Focus); Global Empires (Modern Britain Focus); History of Anthropology

Tonia Sharlach (Ph.D., 1999, Harvard)
Ancient Near East with emphasis on taxation, religion, and gender 

Michael M. Smith (Ph.D., 1971, Texas Christian)
Emeritus Professor
Mexico; Latin America

Anna Zeide (Ph.D., 2014, Wisconsin-Madison)
Clinical Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Advisor 
United States; Medicine, Environment, and Food; Science and Technology; Environmental and Health Justice