arataLaura Arata, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Washington State University

Address 155 SSH

Spring 2021 Office Hours: Wednesday 1-3 pm 

Public History, American West; Race and Gender; U.S. Popular Culture 

Dr. Arata received her PhD from Washington State University in 2014. She is a specialist in public history and the history of race and gender in the American West. Her book project, Race and the Wild West: Sarah Bickford and the Construction of Historical Memory in Virginia City, Montana, 1870–1930, focuses on nineteenth and twentieth century Montana through the life of an African American woman, born a slave, who played an instrumental role in developing tourism at the site of a well-known lynching. Her most recent work, “Terror and Tourism: Lynching, Legend, and the Montana Vigilantes,” appears in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly. Dr. Arata was formerly Co-Principle Investigator of the Hanford History Project in Richland, Washington, and has worked as a consulting historian for the Montana Heritage Commission.

Courses Taught
HIST 1103 – Survey of American History
HIST 3713 – Women in the American West
HIST 5033 – Introduction to Public History
HIST 4063 / 5063 – Introduction to Historic Preservation
HIST 4073 / 5073 – Digital Methods in History