Frequently Asked Questions
History Undergraduate Program

  1. How do I declare a History major?
    • If you are already in the College of Arts & Sciences, visit 213 Life Sciences East to fill out the necessary paperwork. 
    • If you are in a different college, fill out the Undergraduate Academic Program Declaration Form, contacting your original college's student services center for "Originating College Signature" and Arts & Sciences 213 Life Sciences East for "Approval signature from College." 
  2. How do I declare a History minor?
    • Visit 213 Life Sciences East to fill out the necessary paperwork. If you need to discuss classes, contact Sarah Mutschelknaus
  3. What minors in other areas can I consider to go along with the History major? 
    • You can declare a minor in any College, and there’s no restriction on how similar or different it should be from your major. A lot of History majors do end up minoring in an Arts & Sciences field, because most of those classes then overlap with our degree sheet, especially the Upper-Division Related area, but as long as the extra classes work within your planned graduation timeline, any minors can fit. You can see the full list of minors here: If there are particular

       ones you’re considering, Sarah Mutschelknaus can help you think about how they might fit with your degree sheet.

  4. How do I make an appointment with Sarah Mutschelknaus? 
    •  See the full appointment calendar on STAR If you can't access STAR for some reason, then email Sarah Mutschelknaus with blocks of time you have free in the coming days, and she will reply with an appointment time. 
  5. How do I keep track of what courses I need to take?
    • Your degree check sheet should be on the Reports tab in STAR. If not, contact Sarah Mutschelknaus for an updated check sheet. 
  6. How do I search for courses?
    • Go to Self-Service at Select “Registration and Planning” in the Student Profile, then “Browse Classes,” and choose the desired term from the drop-down menu. Click “Advanced Search” for expanded search options, such as: Day/time meeting combination; Subject; Course attribute (general education, etc.); Course level (undergraduate, graduate, etc.); Instructional method (Online, Traditional, etc.); Campus.
  7. How do I find short courses that are offered at unusual times, or for less than standard credits?
    • Visit the Registrar's page: and download the relevant semester's spreadsheet. Once you've downloaded the spreadsheet, you can use the Sort feature in Excel to sort by start date (to find courses that haven't yet begun), number of credits, or any other parameters.
  8. How do I drop a course? Do I need to meet with my advisor? 
    • See all the policy details here. If the drop deadline has not passed, you can just typically drop a course yourself on Banner. Try that first. If it doesn't work, you'll need to fill out a drop/add card, and get the relevant signatures before taking it to the Registrar's office.