History is the record, explanation, and interpretation of the totality of man's activities. The study of history is unique in its concern for the role of time in human development. History enhances the individual's knowledge of self and gives perspective and deeper meaning to contemporary events. Courses in the Department of History are intended to give the student a broad understanding of the evolution of civilizations, peoples, countries, and institutions, and an insight into the meaning of this evolution, as well as to prepare graduates for many types of employment.

Because history is basic to many special fields, the department's instruction is designed to aid students interested in education, law, journalism, scientific and technical disciplines, public service, and business administration. Students in colleges other than the College of Arts and Sciences who wish to pursue the study of history are encouraged to enroll in courses of interest. The Department of History offers a number of courses that satisfy General Education requirements in the social sciences and the humanities. It participates actively in the Honors Program and offers to its majors the option of pursuing a special plan of study leading to a Departmental Honors certificate. The Department of History also participates actively in the Area Studies certificate programs and in the Women's Studies certificate program.

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