Emeriti Faculty

  Ph.D.   Area of Specialty       
Paul Bischoff   Yale University   Modern England   Email
William S. Bryans   University of Wyoming   Public History; State and Local; American West   Email
Joseph F. Byrnes   University of Chicago   Modern France    Email
Neil Hackett   University of Cincinnati   Ancient and Medieval    Email
Helga Harriman   Oklahoma State University   History of Women    
James L. Huston   University of Illinois   Civil War and Reconstruction; Political History; Political Economy   Email
George Jewsbury   University of Washington   Russia and Eastern Europe   Email
Michael Logan   University of Arizona   U.S. West; Recent America; Urban; Environmental   Email
L.G. Moses   New Mexico   American Indian; American West   Email
Lesley Rimmel   University of Pennsylvania   Russia; Soviet Union; Women's; 20th Century Europe; Political and Social Violence   Email
Richard C. Rohrs   University of Nebraska   United States History from 1787 to 1850   Email
Michael Smith   Texas Christian   Mexico; Latin America   Email
Joseph A. Stout   Oklahoma State University   American West   Email
Elizabeth Williams   Indiana University   European Intellectual; History of Medicine; Modern France   Email