Jared Eberle

Jared Eberle, Adjunct InstructorEberle Photo
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University 

Address: 154 South Murray 
Email: jared.eberle@okstate.edu 
Spring 2021 Office Hours: Virtual office hours Monday and Wednesday 9:30-11 AM, sign up for office hours here

Fields: Native North America, Modern United States, History of Activism
My research focuses on American Indian Activism in the second half of the twentieth century. In particular I focus on the period that followed the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973, which has traditionally been an understudied and under-appreciated aspect of American Indian activism. My dissertation looked at the ways groups like the American Indian Movement and the International Indian Treaty Council sought to forge international alliances and promote Native issues on an international stage and examine both their successes and their setbacks that formed the basis of a new era of indigenous activism. I am currently in the process of turning the dissertation in a manuscript for submission to academic presses in the coming year. 
Courses Taught
HIST 1103
HIST 2023 (History of the Present)
HIST 3980 (15 Songs)