Emily Graham

grahamEmily Graham, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., St. Andrews

Address 161 SSH
Email emily.e.graham@okstate.edu

Spring 2021 Office Hours: Virtual office hours by appointment only

Medieval Europe, Religious Reform, Monastic Orders, Gender and Women's History

Dr. Graham's research examines the intersection of politics and religion in medieval Europe. Her research interests include sanctity, monastic orders, religious reform and heretical movements, and papal politics. Dr. Graham's current book project, Princes, Popes, and Heretics: The Spiritual Franciscans and Late Medieval Political Life, examines the influence of patronage networks on Franciscan reformers in the late middle ages, and the role of religious reform movements on Western Mediterranean diplomatic relations. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Medieval History and Studies in Church History, and has been supported by, among others, the American Philosophical Society and the NEH Summer Scholars Program, as part of the workshop "Reform and Renewal in Medieval Rome." 

Courses Taught

HIST 1613 – Western Civilization to 1500
HIST 1813 – World History to 1500
HIST 3203 – The Medieval World, 500-1500
HIST 3233 – The Late Medieval World, 1000-1450
HIST 3373 – Invasion and Identity: The Medieval English World, 700-1400
HIST 3383 – Tudor-Stuart England
HIST 3903 – Introduction to History
HIST 4403 – Sorcerers, Saints and Heretics: Religion in the Medieval World
HIST 4413 – Sex and Gender in the Medieval World
HIST 4903 – Senior Seminar
HIST 5140 – Reading Seminar in European History to 1789