Scholarship announcements will be circulated by email to undergraduate majors and graduate students in fall 2018 for awards in 2019.

Undergraduate Scholarships 

Berlin B. Chapman Endowed Scholarship: Oklahoma History

Berlin B. Chapman Endowed Scholarship: Outstanding Junior

Gabriel Endowed Scholarship: Outstanding Sophomore

History Department Undergraduate Research Paper Award

Homer L. Knight Undergraduate Award: Outstanding Senior

John and Cindy Dobson Endowed Scholarship

Townsend Memorial Minority Scholarship in Honor of Minnie A. DeWitt

Graduate Scholarship

Berlin B. Chapman Endowed Scholarship

History Department Distinguished Achievement Award

History Department Graduate Research Fellowship

History Department Research Paper Award

Homer L. Knight Graduate Award

LeRoy Fischer Scholarship in History

LeRoy H. Fischer Research Paper Award

O.A. Hilton Memorial Scholarship supported by the Raymond Estep History Scholarship Fund

Townsend Dissertation Fellowship

Townsend Memorial Award for Outstanding Paper

Townsend Memorial Minority Scholarship in Honor of Minnie A DeWitt

Fellowships and Assistantships

Fellowships and Assistantships
The History Department awards a limited number of fellowships ranging from $3000 to $5000 and are contingent on funding availability. These fellowships, which have the possibility of being renewed on an annual basis, are in addition to teaching associate salaries and tuition waivers. All new PhD students are eligible for these fellowships. For more information, contact Dr. Richard C. Rohrs, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History, (405) 744-4315,

Teaching Assistants and Associates
The History Department awards positions as Teaching Assistants (M.A. students) and Teaching Associates (Ph.D. students) on a competitive basis; consideration is given to GPA, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and nature of past academic training.
In most cases, Teaching Assistants and Associates grade examinations and lead discussion sections in lower-division survey courses in American history and Western civilization. In selected cases, Ph.D. students teach independent sections of the survey courses.
The positions of Teaching Assistant and Teaching Associate carry a waiver of out-of-state tuition and a Graduate College Scholarship for the waiver of 6 credit hours of in-state tuition for both the fall and spring semesters for 50% appointments and 3 credit hours of in-state tuition for both the fall and spring semesters for 25% appointments.
The Director of Graduate Studies should receive applications for these positions by February 1; students who have been appointed on a temporary basis should reapply in writing by that date. Awards for the next academic year will normally be made by April 1.

Teaching Associate Enhanced Stipend
The History Department is pleased to announce the creation of a new $5,000 Teaching Associate Enhanced Stipend to be awarded to an outstanding applicant to the Ph.D. program. Given satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. degree, this award is renewable for up to four years. Added to the regular Teaching Associate stipend of $13,311, this award will bring the annual compensation for the individual selected to $18,311 for the academic year.

Responsibilities and Duties of Teaching Assistants and Associates
Graduate students appointed as Teaching Assistants and Associates incur responsibilities and obligations to the Department of History. Those responsibilities and duties are stipulated below. The expected average work load is equivalent to 20 hours per week for half-time appointments, 10 hours per week for quarter-time.

Teaching Assistants must meet the following academic requirements to retain their appointments:
- earn 15 hours of graduate-level credit listed on or applicable to the Plan of Study during the academic year; students with only thesis or dissertation hours remaining must abide by Graduate College policy on continuous enrollment
-maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA
-earn no grade of C or below for courses included on the Plan of Study
-Teaching assistantships and teaching associateships will not be renewed if the student has more than three hours of coursework graded as Incomplete, "I".
-If required to demonstrate foreign language competency, take the foreign language examination in the second semester of enrollment and in each semester thereafter until the exam is passed OR complete and earn a grade of B or higher in a foreign language immersion class OR complete fifteen college-level credits in a single foreign language with an overall B average. 
-complete the departmental teaching practicum, "Teaching History at the College Level" (HIST 5021).

Teaching Associates must meet the following academic requirements to retain their appointments:
-All of the requirements listed above and, if fourth-year funding is available, the following: Pass written and oral comprehensive examinations in the four fields on the Plan of Study by the end of the sixth semester of study.
- Teaching Assistants and Associates will not be considered as research assistants, and their duties will be confined solely to teaching responsibilities.

The duties of Teaching Assistants and Associates consist of:
- successfully completing the one-hour Teaching Practicum offered by the department
- attending all lectures presented by the instructor responsible for the course unless excused by the instructor.
-grading examinations, conducting discussions, taking attendance, maintaining at least 3 office hours per week (1 ½ for quarter-time appointment), and fulfilling any teaching-related duties established by the course instructor.
- attending all meetings established by the course instructor to discuss teaching techniques, subject matter, and grading standards.
- attending all meetings mandated by the History Department for the purpose of preparing Teaching Assistants and Associates for their duties.